India can wait no more!

Transforming India by increasing farmers' income

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India can wait no more!

Transforming India by increasing farmers' income

As of
January 2024

4.5 Crore
fruit trees planted
since 2019
families impacted
times increase
in farmers' income
Villages in MH & MP
400 Crore
liters of Water Storage

Indians are natural entrepreneurs.

07 Nov 2023

Indians are natural entrepreneurs.

#GlobalParliStory: Vilas Yeske (42 yrs, BA) and Aparna Yeske (37 yrs, 12th) multiply their farm incomes.

The farmer couple had already planted figs on some of their lands. They joined Global Parli's fruit plantation in 2019 by planting guava, lemon, and custard apple on 4 acres of land. Last year, fewer buyers came to their farms in Nagapur village, Parli, and offered lower prices due to the pandemic. Despite that, they earned Rs 5 lakh, primarily because they had changed their cropping pattern to fruits. But for their joint family of 10, something more needed to be done.

They started an FPO (Farmer Producer Organization) in 2020, along with few other farmers, and started processing and selling products like Anjeer jam, Peru jam, Moringa powder, Groundnut chutney, Organic gur, Kharwade, and similar. Another 2-3 lakh in annual income was added. Now, they have opened a shop in Parli Vaijnath town and started retailing all the above and more. Would you like to buy it? Contact Vilas (94237 74608), he would be able to give you good rates and even courier it to you.

Their daughter, Samaya, in 12th Std. is preparing for CA prep, while their son, Aditya, is in 10th Std., wanting to be a CA, too. Life seems to be looking up.

Farmers are generally simple, loving, hard-working, and innovative. Let's work to improve their lives, because the soul of India lives in its villages. Prosperous farmers mean a prosperous India.


by Mayank Gandhi

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