India can wait no more!

Transforming India by increasing farmers' income

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India can wait no more!

Transforming India by increasing farmers' income

As of
January 2024

4.5 Crore
fruit trees planted
since 2019
families impacted
times increase
in farmers' income
Villages in MH & MP
400 Crore
liters of Water Storage

Over a thousand farmers will increase their income 8-10 times

07 Nov 2023

In 2021, for the first time, we planted 53 lakh bananas to increase farmer income across 3,000+ acres in MP and Maharashtra. I was worried if it would work.

We got the best variety of tissue culture banana plants, supplied them at subsidized prices, and trained the farmers through our experts.

The results have started. One of the first farmers from Burhanpur, MP, Maheshwar Damu Patil from Khadkod village, has just got the first harvest. He had planted 6,000 saplings on his 3.5 acres on June 6, 2021. On April 14, 2022 (10 months), he harvested 11,200 kg from around 450 plants at 25 kg per plant. Right now, he is getting a price in the local market of Rs. 11 per kg, fetching Rs. 1.23 lakh.

Even if the rate falls to Rs. 8/-, his total plants will fetch him 6000 x 25 x 8 = Rs. 12.00 lakhs (assuming 2 lakhs of expenses, Rs. 10 lakhs net) for 3.5 acres, or Rs 2.85 lakhs per acre. I hope this trend of banana farmers earning over 2.5 lakh per acre continues. I will keep you posted.

Earlier, they used to grow cotton/rice/soya/lower variety bananas and annually earn around Rs. 10,00040,000 per acre.

Life transformation in less than a year!

Our model to make India a "Sone Ki Chidiya" is working with over 15,000 farmers and 1.67 crore fruit trees. Time to scale!

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