India can wait no more!

Transforming India by increasing farmers' income

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India can wait no more!

Transforming India by increasing farmers' income

As of
1st July 2024

5 Crore
fruit trees planted
since 2019
families impacted
times increase
in farmers' income
villages in MH, MP & GJ
400 Crore
litres water storage

Water Bodies Development

Water harvesting and conservation are the fountainheads for any agricultural endeavour. Once the fountainhead is established, all agricultural activites will flourish. This logically leads to increased income from land.

In 2018, Global Vikas Trust started its movement by working on the water security issues of villages in Parli. This was done with a combination of voluntary work (shramdaan), and machinery work. Villagers came out in droves early in the morning to work on constructing farm ponds and lakes, and stayed until late at night. Music and dance were used to motivate communities to lend a hand.

By successfully merging the indomitable spirit of these villagers with modern technology, we successfully created 222 crore litres of water storage — 70 km of deepening and widening of the paapnashi river and its tributaries, 164 farm ponds, 62 check dams, 5 KT weirs, etc.

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Case Studies on Water

Prior to 2017, the village of Waghala faced one drought every 3 years. While it would rain from June to September, the strong rains would wash away the topsoil, and damage the crops.

When the rains stopped, the villagers would be left with barely any water to tend to their needs. The borewells and wells would have water until January, after which the villagers would struggle to find water for their cattle and for themselves.

Even those with bores that went up to 400 feet deep would struggle to find water. All this changed after we installed 20 Global Recharge Aquashafts in 2019.

Borewells that didn’t work for 4 years are now overflowing with water. The water security woes of Waghala are now an issue of the past.

Just like their ancestors ensured that they had enough water for their needs, the people of Waghala have now ensured that their descendants will have enough water for rest of their lives.

Jal Jeevan Mission and Government

Rejuvenation of Paapnashi River & Tributaries



Construction of farm Ponds



River Aquashaft

A (GRA) Global River Aquashaft is a shaft that allows excess water to enter aquifers and replenish the groundwater in any given area.

This is achieved by boring a 100-200 ft deep shaft in a low-lying water logged area in a river. Filters are added around the shaft to prevent the passage of mud and dust into the aquifer. When the water flows in the river, it first enters the shaft via holes drilled into it and then enters the aquifers.

Benefits of River Aquashafts

By replenishing the aquifers underground, the villagers are able to draw more water out to use for both agricultural and non- agricultural purposes. The water underground also helps the environment as trees and forests are able to draw up more water, thus benefiting the ecosystem.

So far, Global Vikas Trust has installed 120 GRAs along the Paapnashi river, resulting in the water table increasing from 400 feet to less than 50 feet.

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